What’s in a name?

It can be quite a daunting effort to conduct research into the many competing technologies in the field of photobiomodulation, a term many scientists currently seem to favour in addition to the often used terms of Cold Laser Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT).

Here at Solaj, we typically like to call it Cold Laser Therapy, simply because we find it easier to remember than the other terms.

We believe that many – if not most – of the wide variety of commercially offered technologies can lead to good healing results when used and applied correctly. However, our technology of choice is what we consider to be the most comprehensive system on the market today:

We Use the BioFlex Laser Therapy System Because:

BioFlex Laser Therapy Stations at Solaj

BioFlex Laser Therapy Stations at Solaj

  • It utilizes Cold Laser light (class 3B lasers), which we consider a lower risk than Hot Laser based systems (class 4 lasers).
  • It has Laser Light and LED light components as part of an integrated approach to light therapy, thus giving us the best of both technologies. (LED lights typically cover a larger area, but don’t reach the cells deeper under the skin. Laser light doesn’t cover quite as large of an area, but can reach cells located several cm under the skin.) The BioFlex Laser system integrates both LED and Laser light into one system, while most other systems use either Laser light or LED light, but not both.
  • It features the two most useful wavelengths in the red and near-infrared parts of the spectrum. There is very wide agreement in the industry about the light wavelengths (colours) most beneficial to healing.
  • It is a very flexible system, allowing us to continually adapt the latest scientific research and most modern and best treatment methods into our practice. It can deliver at different power levels; continuous light; or pulsed light at selectable frequencies, duty-cycles, and pulsing waveforms.
  • We can pre-configure highly customized treatment protocols for different conditions and different treatment areas for each of our clients. We consider this very important, since light therapy works best when it’s specifically customized for individuals taking into account factors such as age, body-type, skin-tone, recency of injury, chronicity of condition and more. Also, pre-configuring individual customized protocols saves our clients time, since there is much less programming involved during each treatment session.
  • The BioFlex laser therapy technology was created, tested and proven in a large laser clinic environment over many years.

It wasn’t a significant part of our evaluation process, but being Canadian ourselves, we’re happy and a little proud (sorry!), that the BioFlex laser system is made in Canada by a Canadian company, MediTech International Inc, founded and led by a remarkable Canadian: Dr. Fred Kahn.

Visit our Cold Laser Therapy page for more information on the science behind the therapy and the specifics on how it works.