Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Common plantar fasciitis treatment can include: resting, ibuprophen, specific stretching, orthotics, and more. Many people report that these treatments only temporarily helped their pain or did not fully resolve the discomfort and loss of mobility.

In addition to the previously mentioned treatments, Cold Laser Therapy is an effective plantar fasciitis treatment that targets the source of the pain. Unlike other treatment options, it does not just mask the pain, but resolves it for the long term. It is completely safe and there are no risks of negative side effects.
Cold Laser Therapy: Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Cold Laser Therapy: Plantar Fasciitis Treatment – Step 1Red Light Pad

Regenerates Muscle Tissue:
Transfers light energy to the affected cells of muscle, regenerating and strengthening damaged muscle tissue to prevent future injury.

Decreases Inflammation:
Speeds up the body’s natural inflammation phase and induces the repair phase of healing.

Cold Laser Therapy: Plantar Fasciitis Treatment – Step 2 Infrared Light Pad

Removes Internal Scar Tissue:
Inhibits and removes Internal Scar Tissue that naturally forms from injury or repetitive strain, causing discomfort and a delay in healing.

Nerve Regeneration:
Helps damaged nerves to recover by growing the neural network and repairing vital insulation around the nerve.

Cold Laser Therapy: Plantar Fasciitis Treatment – Step 3 Infrared Wand

Stimulates Blood Flow:
Increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients required for healing of the affected cells.

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