Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis Pain – Vicki’s Story

Cold Laser Therapy for Achilles Tendonitis: Step 1 – Red Light Pad

Vicki is a healthy active female in her mid 60’s who plays golf regularly. She always looked forward to walking the golf course while she played, until she began to struggle with intense Achilles tendonitis pain. Her pain was at it’s worst in the morning and when she was walking up stairs or on uneven ground. This made walking the golf course a painful and unpleasant activity.

Concerned about the pain, Vicki pursued medical advice. The findings of an ultrasound showed that she had a thickened tendon, common with Achilles tendonitis. In an effort to allow the tendon to rest and heal, it was recommended that she use an air cast for 3 weeks to immobilize the Achilles tendon. Unfortunately, her pain persisted even after 3 weeks of wearing the cast.

Vicki was in pain for 6 months without much improvement. Her Podiatrist recognized that this could be a good case for Cold Laser Therapy, and referred her to Solaj. Doctor Mel examined Vicki’s Achilles during her first assessment and found a very thick tendon with a large, painful bump on it. These symptoms are consistent with Achilles tendonitis – a damaged and inflamed tendon, with a lot of internal scar tissue.

Achilles tendonitis is typically an overuse injury and it takes place when a muscle, tendon, ligament or joint is repetitively used in a similar motion. Pain caused by overuse injuries is often due to micro-tearing of tissue fibers, inflammation, and buildup of internal scar tissue.

Vicki’s Experience with Cold Laser Therapy for Achilles Tendonitis Pain

Cold Laser Therapy
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For Vicki’s Achilles tendonitis pain, Doctor Mel recommended a Cold Laser Therapy treatment plan. The plan aimed at breaking down internal scar tissue, and reducing inflammation. This would then get her back to walking a full golf course in comfort again. The plan started with 3 treatments per week for 2 weeks, and then progressively decreased in frequency as her symptoms improved.

Email from Vicki:
“After struggling to recover from an Achilles tendon injury, I was referred to Solaj for Cold Laser Therapy. The pain and swelling started to subside after the first few treatments and I am now pain free and have been able to resume my active lifestyle.

I would definitely recommend this treatment to others. Doctor Mel and the staff at Solaj were professional, friendly, and very helpful. Thank you so much. Vicki”

After the first 2 Cold Laser Therapy treatments for Achilles tendonitis pain, Vicki felt less pain in the morning. After 6 treatments, Doctor Mel re-evaluated her Achilles and noticed that the swelling and tenderness significantly reduced. The tendon was 50% less thick and Vicki was able to walk the golf course and walk up the stairs with significantly less pain.

After 12 treatments, Vicki was encouraged to participate in more activity. The plan was to try to gradually build up to what she considered her normal activity level. As expected, Vicki experienced a few minor aggravations as her body adjusted to the increase in activity. She was treated with Cold Laser Therapy every 1-2 weeks to help the Achilles continue to heal quickly.


Vicki completed her recommended Achilles tendonitis treatment plan with a total of 20 Cold Laser Therapy treatments over the course of 16 weeks. At this point, she reported having no pain or difficulty with any activity and no longer required treatment.

Dr. Melanie Rapoport, DC