Plantar Fasciitis

When Sue came to Solaj, she had been dealing with a nagging, sharp pain in her heel for over a year. Sure sounded like plantar fasciitis pain. It all started after she was moving furniture one weekend and was on her feet for several hours a day. It was worse in the morning when she first stepped out of bed. Standing on her feet for long periods of time had become painful. And it bothered her when she tried to exercise – to the point where she had to stop altogether. No matter what Sue did, that foot pain stuck around. She even had a cortisone shot in her heel, which did not provide the desired relief.

Cold Laser Therapy

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During Sue’s initial assessment, Doctor Mel recommended a treatment plan of Cold Laser Therapy treatments, starting with three treatments a week for two weeks.

Sue Experiences Cold Laser Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis Pain

After Sue’s first treatment, she was feeling cautiously optimistic when she reported that she already had less pain in her heel. Over the next couple of weeks, she gradually felt significantly better, while experiencing  some minor pain fluctuations.  These small ups and downs in pain levels are quite common for the early phases of the body’s natural healing process.

Treating Plantar Fasciitis Pain: Cold Laser Therapy – Step 1

After 7 treatments Sue described being able to be on her feet for longer stretches of time in her garden with much less discomfort. Her plantar fasciitis pain seemed to come and go, but was much less intense when it was present. Because the Cold Laser Therapy had kick-started the healing process, we could now reduce the frequency of treatments. Twice a week for the next couple of weeks.

A friendly note from Sue:
“When I first had the issue with my foot, Planter Fasciitis, I automatically went to a Podiatrist. He gave me a cortisone shot and said the pain might come back and if it did then I would have to wear orthotics for the rest of my life. Well it flared back up again about 1 year later, so I decided to look on the web for alternate treatment and I found Solaj cold laser therapy. I figured anything is worth a try so I made an appointment.

After about 4 or 5 treatments I started noticing a difference in the pain. After every treatment the pain lessened and went from excruciating to bearable then to a dull ache and then just tightness. Today I still have a little tightness but not everyday. I can get up in the morning without cringing when I put my foot on the floor, I can work in my garden and enjoy the time out there without worrying how much pain I will be in when I am done. My treatment are not finished but my foot is 99% better then when I first walked in Dr. Mel’s door.

Thank you Dr. Mel for you and your team for making my life pain free again.     Sue”

After 11 treatments, Sue reported having no pain at all in her heel. And she was back to her regularly scheduled exercise program without any issues. She just experienced occasional tightness on the bottom of her foot when she was on her feet for several hours. And some minor pinching first thing in the morning. As Doctor Mel mentioned to Sue, it is indeed quite common to experience a reduction in pain first, before the tightness in the healing area fully subsides. It typically means the inflammation is coming down first as the healing process starts. And as her foot continued to heal, the tightness would eventually go away as well.

Sue continued with treatment once a week for the next three weeks. And then once every two weeks for several weeks after that, for a total of nine more treatments. Over that period of time, she returned to her regular activities. Sue continued to have no pain in her heel, and the tightness in her foot continued to reduce.

When Sue returned for a follow up appointment after a trip, she was thrilled to report that while travelling, she had no issues with her foot at all. She was able to walk several hours at a time, without any pain or tightness. She was so happy with her progress, that she sent us a nice note.