New Clients

New clients will visit one of our highly trained doctors for an initial assessment which typically takes about 45 minutes (a $45 fee). During the initial assessment the doctor will:


  • Discuss your particular symptoms, especially around your pain and mobility limitations
  • Discuss your medical history
  • Analyze any medical reports related to your current issue (please bring any x rays, MRI’s, etc. that you may have)
  • Examine the area in pain and/or restricted mobility
  • Recommend a treatment plan, including the exact cost per treatment session and an estimated number of treatments required to experience positive results

Pricing differs for Cold Laser Therapy and Chiropractic treatments, and is as follows:

Cold Laser Therapy

The recommended number of laser therapy sessions, and the cost of each such laser treatment session will vary based on your medical condition and resulting laser treatment protocol. When the treatment area is closer to the surface (e.g. hands, knees), positive treatment results are generally experienced after fewer sessions, because more of the healing light energy reaches the treated cells. When the treatment area is centered deeper under the skin (e.g. hip, lower back), generally more treatment sessions are required to experience positive results. Also, when laser therapy treatments occur very shortly after an injury, positive results are typically experienced faster than when the condition has been chronic for months or years.

Generally, the costs for individual laser treatment sessions of a specific body part are in the following approximate ranges:

Initial Assessment $45
Treatment Area* Cost per treatment session
Neck $100
Shoulder $70 – $90
Elbow $60
Wrist $60
Hand $60
Back $85 – $130
Hip $140
Upper leg $60
Knee $85
Lower leg $60
Ankle $60
Foot $60

* Each instance of a treatment area is a separate treatment session, e.g. treating 2 knees simultaneously during one appointment counts as 2 treatment sessions.

Chiropractic Adjustments and Active Release Techniques® (ART)

New chiropractic clients typically request to have their first chiropractic and/or ART treatment immediately after the initial assessment (a $100 fee). However, some clients prefer to start treatment at a later date and are more comfortable just having an initial assessment on their first visit (a $45 fee).

Initial Assessment (No treatment) $45
Initial Assessment & Chiropractic and/or A.R.T. Treatment $100
Follow up Chiropractic and/or A.R.T. Treatment $55
Follow up Child Chiropractic and/or A.R.T. Treatment $45
Reassessment* $20

*Clients who have not been treated by our doctors within the prior 6 months or have a new problem unrelated to previous treatments.

FAQ – Insurance Coverage

Are your services covered under extended medical insurance?

All of our services may be prescribed by a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist and are considered chiropractic or physiotherapy treatments. Most extended health care insurance plans cover both chiropractic services and physiotherapy. For specific information regarding your coverage it is best to contact your insurance company.

Are your services covered under MSP?

For those who are enrolled in a Premium Assistance program you are eligible for MSP coverage for 10 visits per year ($23.00 per visit).  For eligible clients, Solaj will directly invoice MSP on your behalf under the chiropractic or physiotherapy category. Both physiotherapy and chiropractic services are not covered with standard MSP.

Is Solaj an approved Medavie Blue Cross health care provider?

Yes, Solaj is approved as a Medavie Blue Cross health care provider. If you are a Medavie member, Solaj will provide direct billing service on your behalf.

How do I get reimbursed?

We provide our clients with direct billing to all extended health care insurance companies with direct billing being offered.  If direct billing is not offered by your insurance company, Solaj will provide an invoice which may be submitted to directly to your insurance provider to claim reimbursement. ICBC and WorkSafe BC offer direct billing as well and there are no user fees associated with both ICBC and WorkSafe BC claims.

Why do I need a first assessment?

British Columbia regulations require a physical examination before a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor can prescribe treatment. This ensures that we understand your health history and current condition in appropriate detail before recommending and beginning any treatments.

I am a previous client of Solaj Laser & Wellness Clinic, do I need to have an initial assessment?

In most cases, if you have not seen the Physiotherapist or Chiropractor within the past 6 months you will need to have a reassessment. If you have seen another therapist or had imaging and/or other diagnostic tests, we may need to request a file transfer from the previous clinic or request diagnostic tests from your family doctor. A reassessment is about 20 minutes and costs $20 (this does not include the cost of a treatment).

I have a new issue but have seen a Solaj therapist within the past 6 months. Do I need to have a reassessment?

If you have an issue that is unrelated to previous treatments you will most likely need a reassessment. The Solaj team will clarify this upon your visit.