Active Release Techniques ® (ART) is a specific technique that treats injuries of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and fascia, otherwise known as “soft tissue injuries.”

Active Release Techniques ® - South Surrey

Active Release Techniques ® Treatment 

Professional athletes have been using ART for years to treat various conditions, however most people suffering from pain or an injury (whether acute or chronic) can benefit from Active Release Techniques ®.

How do Active Release Techniques ® Work?

ART most commonly addresses tissues and structures that have been overused or over-stressed. This can happen from repetitive movements, holding a position for a long period of time or acute injuries (such as a muscle pull or tear). Your body’s natural response to these types of injuries is to produce tough, fibrous scar tissue which restricts the proper movement and elasticity of the tissues.

Over time, this scar tissue builds up in the affected soft tissues, reducing blood circulation and causing the muscles to become tight and weak. Your joint motion also becomes altered and nerves may get pinched or trapped. This leads to symptoms such as pain, reduced range of motion and loss of strength. When nerves are involved, you may also experience numbness and/or tingling.

ART treatments increase blood circulation to injured muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia. This increased blood flow will help open the channels for the healing cells to access the injured tissues, break up the scar tissue, reduce inflammation and pain, and allow your body to heal those areas naturally.

What are the Benefits of Having Active Release Techniques ® Treatments?

  • Decreases pain (acute and chronic)
  • Restores normal mobility
  • Reduces risk of future injury
  • Activates the natural healing process
  • Promotes healing and restores mobility after surgery

What is the Treatment Like?

During each of your treatment sessions, our doctors will assess the texture and tightness of the soft tissues that have been affected. Precisely directed tension will be placed on the involved tissues during specific client movement, reducing unwanted scar tissue to restore mobility and allow your body to heal naturally.