The first objective after undergoing a surgery is to get completely back to normal as fast as possible. In order to achieve this it is quite typical to undergo a rehabilitation program.

Chronic Pain After Surgery

If you are experiencing pain from a surgery that took place months or years ago, visit our Chronic Pain After Surgery page to read more about how Cold Laser Therapy can help eliminate pain and restore range of motion.

The word “Rehabilitation” is commonly associated with exercises or stretches that help us to recover from an injury or surgery. These techniques can help to ensure the healing process is successful; however, the healing process can also be sped up by delivering energy to the affected cells with Cold Laser Therapy.

Cold Laser Therapy for Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Starting Cold Laser Therapy treatments soon after a surgical procedure helps to:

Cold Laser Therapy for Post Surgery Rehabilitation: Step 1

Cold Laser Therapy for Post Surgery Rehabilitation: Step 1

Cold Laser Therapy for Post Surgery Rehabilitation: Step 2

Cold Laser Therapy for Post Surgery Rehabilitation: Step 2

Cold Laser Therapy for Post Surgery Rehabilitation: Step 3

Cold Laser Therapy for Post Surgery Rehabilitation: Step 3

Heal Faster

One of the main advantages of Cold Laser Therapy is that it significantly increases the speed of healing. By delivering light energy to the affected cells the body is able to quickly regenerate tissue and decrease inflammation. The initial healing phase that takes place immediately after surgery can often be the most painful and immobilizing. Decreasing the amount of time that it takes to recover from this healing phase also means that one can start other active rehabilitation therapies sooner and more vigorously and ultimately get back to your regular activities in significantly less time.

Prevent Scar Tissue

Internal scar tissue is also a major cause of pain and loss of mobility that can affect the body much later after surgery. Scar tissue builds to help quickly heal tissues that have been affected from a surgery, but it is difficult to break up after the initial healing phase has finished and the scar tissue is no longer needed. The thick, fibrous, inflexible nature of scar tissue binds to surrounding tissues and can cause further stiffness and discomfort.

However, if the area is treated with Cold Laser Therapy early enough it can prevent scar tissue from building by healing the tissues before they need the help of scar tissue; and minimal scar tissue that manages to build is quickly broken up. As a side note, Cold Laser Therapy helps visible external scars heal in a similar way, which is an added cosmetic benefit of beginning Cold Laser Therapy immediately after surgery.

Visit our Scar Tissue page for more details.

Prevent Overcompensation Injuries

Additional injuries often occur after surgery because one or more body parts are compensating for the weakness of another. For example, a knee surgery can often cause discomfort in the hip after weeks/months of compensating with the healthy knee. Delivering energy to the cells stimulates regeneration of muscle tissue, therefore, healing the tissues faster and preventing injury caused by over compensation.


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